Terms and Conditions

  1. Customer should state clearly instruction to NANI before booking the babysitter/confinement nanny.
  2. Deposit are not returnable/ refundable for any termination of services.
  3. Customer must deliver the balance within three days of the arrival of the babysitter/confinement nanny.
  4. Customer is strictly not allowed to disclose the service/ package price to babysitter/ confinement nanny and strictly prohibited to ask the babysitter/confinement nanny about their salary.
  5. If the customer wants to continue our services, customer must contact company. Customer is strictly prohibited to personally contact or negotiate with the babysitter / confinement nanny failing which the customer shall pay all losses suffered by our company.
  6. In the event of any loss or damage suffered by the company in violation of the above terms and conditions, the customer must be liable for compensation and all legal lost arises therefrom.

I hereby acknowledge and agree to the above arrangements.