Postnatal Care

Postnatal Care for Mother and Baby

NANI’s value proposition is Rest. Replenish. Renew. We are committed to provide these values through our care for mother:

I. Rest – Taking the burden off the mother by providing attentive care to the newborn.

II. Replenish – Helping the mother replenish through proper nutrition, traditional and natural health remedies including therapies, meal and herbal soup preparation, and additional natural food supplements.

III. Renew – Sharing of knowledge, tips, and mother-baby care insights gained through traditions and years of caring for mothers under confinement.


Our experienced confinement lady is there to take the burden off the mother by providing good postnatal care of the newborn with the following:

I. Bathing and massage – changing nappies, guiding the mother on how to bathe the baby by holding and supporting the baby correctly during bath times, and how to wrap/dress the baby after bathing.

II. Feeding and burping – taking charge of the feeding time at the right intervals and how much to feed the baby for each session, helping the baby with burping after each meal.

III. Caring physically – helping the baby to adjust to the new environment by ensuring the right ambience (noise level) and temperature for the baby, monitoring and staying awake with the baby through the late-night feeding sessions.

IV. Hygienic practices – ensuring that the room, baby cot and all the baby equipment are properly cleaned.

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