Confinement FAQ

Frequently Ask Questions

1. What kind of service does NANI provide?

NANI provides professionally trained and experienced confinement lady to help you out during your confinement period.

2. What does a confinement lady do?

The confinement lady will provide you with full support from mother and baby care, to guiding and supporting you on breastfeeding. The confinement lady will also prepare five nourishing meals a day specially for you. For further information, refer to our Services page here

3. Why do I need a confinement lady?

You need to rest, replenish and renew so that you can recuperate and regain your health, energy and vitality during the most important month of your life. And you can do all that at the comfort of your own home with our confinement lady staying in with you during this month.

4. Is it better to have a confinement period in a centre or at home?

Going through the confinement period at home would be better as it will allow the baby to familiarise with the surrounding and get acquainted with the noise and ambience of his/her new home. You also do not need to worry about not having prepared enough for the confinement period. Everything would be within reach at home. With our confinement lady service, the additional bonus point would be that the grandparents are free from the burden of having to care for the mother and the newborn.

5. Are there any specific visiting hours?

No. The advantage of hiring our confinement lady is that you can have visitors over at any time of the day at your own home.

6. How can I pay for the packages?

You can either pay upon the start of the service or choose to pay via an interest-free monthly instalment for our packages. Contact us here.

7. Why is NANI different from its competitors?

All our confinement ladies have been carefully selected and trained and we are committed to provide you with a free replacement should the need arise.