About us – Confinement Lady Agency


NANI is a confinement lady agency founded by Eve Yeo and Stanley Ng in Malaysia, a happily married couple as well as successful practicing lawyer and businessman. Eve had a wonderful personal experience from pregnancy to confinement, where she and her husband enjoyed throughout the course of her confinement.


“I was extremely fortunate because my parents-in-law are highly-skilled trainers in post-pregnancy care and traditional medicine. They have trained and provided the services to public, well-known hospital, post-pregnancy care and confinement lady agencies in Singapore and Malaysia. They have devoted all their lives to research and understand about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). They have also invented many healthy food recipes and practices from the TCM perspectives for women, including pre and post-pregnant women!”


In the earlier years, the maternal or paternal grandmothers would provide these well-kept traditions and undivided care to the new mothers but as time progressed, lesser and fewer grandmothers were up to giving this kind of attention anymore. This leaves many new families in the lurch as confinement is regarded as an important journey of the mother’s path back to health. Today, Couples are also faced with difficulty in finding properly trained confinement lady and agencies.


According to Eve and Stanley, “pregnancy and confinement should be a happy and worry-free time every woman deserves!” And that, has given birth to NANI, a confinement nanny agency where premium private post-pregnancy care service at affordable prices becomes available to all soon-to-be-mothers out there. The founding couple ensures smooth operations with the parents-in-law as the consultants behind the brand. Reach us today!

Our Mission

“To share joy through care and happiness on the lives we touch with love.”

Our mission is not just about providing premium private post-pregnancy care service at affordable prices to all soon-to-be-mothers. It is also to provide income opportunities for single mothers and women the chance to utilise their skills and experience as a confinement lady, which in turn will increase their self-worth.